What is Airdrop How to use?

Along with the developing technology, technology manufacturers continue to offer various features to their users. Apple also stands out as one of the companies that satisfy its users the most with the features it offers. One of the services offered by the company is Airdrop. The feature has been getting popular lately. However, people who do not know what this feature does are wondering what Airdrop is.

Today, the term Airdrop can be confused at some points by technology users. Because, in addition to being the name of a feature developed by Apple, Airdrop also stands out as a term in the crypto money market. In this article, we will take a closer look at the Airdrop feature developed by Apple for you. We will try to explain what this feature does and how it can be used.

What is Airdrop?

File transfer is one of the most common operations performed by technology users today. Users may have to transfer any data from personal photos to business files from time to time. At this point, wired data transfer technology met these needs of users in the past years. Later, the developing Bluetooth technology started to provide convenience to technology users in file transfer.

Today, users prefer to use digital storage services for data transfer. However, some technology companies offer their users easier data transfer. Apple is one of these companies. In these times when data transfer is very intense, Apple allows its users to do these transactions more easily with the Airdrop feature.

Airdrop feature met with users in 2011. Apple developed this feature in order to facilitate the data transfer process of its users using their own devices. In other words, the Airdrop feature basically allows data transfer between Apple devices. However, Apple users who do not know what this feature is, are wondering what Airdrop is.

As it is known, Apple does not easily allow other devices to connect with Apple devices for the security of their devices. Therefore, Apple users need to pair with a second Apple device in order to perform some operations, especially data transfer. As we mentioned, the Airdrop feature works in this way.

Thanks to the Airdrop feature, the company offers its users the opportunity to transfer data between Apple devices quickly and easily. Thanks to this feature, Apple users can easily transfer between Apple devices without the need for additional software or wired connections. Therefore, in the days when data transfer is very important, the Airdrop feature continues to gain importance day by day.

As we mentioned, the Airdrop feature makes the data transfer work of Apple users much easier. Apple users learning about this feature are wondering how they can use the feature. Some users find that the process can be challenging as it involves data transfer. However, transferring data via Airdrop is a very easy process. In the rest of our article, we will examine how you can transfer data via Airdrop.

How to Use Airdrop?

Airdrop stands out as one of the most used features by technology users today. The fact that it provides great convenience in data transfer makes the feature popular. Apple users, after learning the answer to the question of what is Airdrop, want to use this feature to take advantage of the possibilities offered by the feature. But Apple users who do not know how to use this feature are wondering how to use Airdrop.

How To Use Airdrop

Many users find this feature quite difficult to use. Because data transfer was a very troublesome process for users in the past years. But services like Airdrop have made the data transfer process much easier. There are some points that Apple users should pay attention to in order to benefit from the Airdrop feature.

First of all, you need to remember that the Airdrop feature can only be used between Apple devices. In other words, it is currently not possible to transfer data between an iOS device and an Android device with Airdrop. You can use the Airdrop feature between devices with iOS-iOS and iOS-MacOS operating systems.

In addition, Apple offers Airdrop in a slightly different way between iPhone 11 and later models and previous models. Basically, using the Airdrop feature is pretty easy. Users select the file they want to share in the first place and click the “Share” option. Then you choose the “Airdrop” option from the options that appear.

After selecting the Airdrop option, you need to bring your device closer to the device you want to transfer data to and select the device to transfer data from the screen that appears. In the last step, you must accept the Airdrop request on the device you will transfer data to. Then the data you want to transfer is quickly transferred from your device to the other device.

In addition, users can edit the Airdrop settings from the settings of their devices. The basis of these settings is with whom the Airdrop feature can be used. Thanks to this feature, users can ensure the security of their devices. However, some Apple users are still concerned about the security of this feature. In the rest of our article, we will talk about whether Airdrop is reliable or not.

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