What is Captcha?

The security of websites is very important. This applies to both site visitors and site owners. There are also different methods of resolution that each site does for security purposes. Captcha is among these security measures. So what is Captcha?

When you enter some websites, you may encounter questions to access the relevant page. There may also be options such as tests, markups, etc. that you need to solve on these pages. This preference of the sites is either to direct their content or to make the site more secure. In this article, we will explain to you what Captcha is, one of the most common tests you encounter on websites.

What is Captcha?

Captcha stands for ‘Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Human Apart’. In Turkish, it is expressed as ‘Fully Automatic General Turing Test for Human and Computer Separation’.

This test originated for security purposes to prevent bot traversal. Captcha tests contain questions that only people can solve by the way they are designed. Because the main purpose of Captcha is to prevent computers and bots from entering the site.

A person has the ability to solve Captcha tests by looking at them for a short time. However, computers cannot interpret the pictures or shapes in the test and make the right decision. Therefore, we can call another name of Captcha anti-bot.

How Does Captcha Work?

After answering the question of what is Captcha in our article, let’s continue by explaining how this test works. One of the captcha codes, the complex and shaped letter ordering, exists to make it difficult for computers to make sense of it and answer correctly. Therefore, it is possible to see mixed and intertwined letters rather than being plain and understandable.

In order to pass the letter-based Captcha test, people must first interpret the relevant Captcha and write the correct letters sequentially. In case of not writing the letters correctly, people are given a new Captcha test.

It is difficult for a computer program or bot to make sense of the Captcha, which is made up of mixed letters. However, a person will not have difficulty because he is familiar with such letters or Captcha tests. The only thing the bots will do in this case is to try their luck by entering random letters. However, as a result of excessive experimentation, it will be understood that the bot trying to enter the site is a bot and the relevant bot will be blocked.

What are the Usage Areas of Captcha?

In fact, Captcha has many uses. Although it appears before the file download or membership process, it will not be wrong to say that it has many functions. This type of test is standard for login, entering account information, online audits, and web business checkout pages.

One of the uses of Captcha is to maintain survey accuracy. Captchalar tries to prevent poll skew with the goal of ensuring that every vote is entered by a human. This does not limit the total number of votes cast. However, it prolongs the time required for each vote and prevents more than one vote.

Another area of use of Captcha is in ticket sales. Ticketing systems try to avoid purchasing a large number of tickets for resale. For this reason, Captcha is included in the ticketing systems. Captcha is also used to prevent incorrect registrations to free events.

Captcha is also used to prevent fake and spam comments. In this way, bots are prevented from sending spam to message boards, contact forms or websites. At the same time, the extra step required by a Captcha also reduces online harassment that can create inconvenience.

The use of Captcha is also included to limit registration for the Services. Captcha is a savior to prevent bots from creating fake accounts. Restricting account creation prevents wasteful use of a service’s resources and reduces fraud.

Of course, Captcha is also included in website memberships. Their website has millions of members. Therefore, there are methods such as fraudulently climbing to the top in the search engine with these figures. Captcha proves that the members are real people, revealing what the actual number of members of the site is.

Why Do Websites Use Captcha?

The biggest reason why websites use Captcha codes in their registration processes is unnecessary and fake content andtilar. The main purpose of captcha codes is to distinguish whether the people who register or try to comment on the website are human or robotic. This system performs the same function as the spam blocker contained in emails.

When you enter a website, it can be frustrating to encounter Captcha. However, this method of security is of great importance for site owners. Many people who have set up their own website or blog will understand how annoying spam is. Therefore, site owners will start using Captcha to prevent these unnecessary messages and content from damaging the website.

The fact that the website receives more or less traffic will not affect this situation. In fact, websites or blogs that are not very popular are likely to be victims of spam. This is because the websites involved do not have adequate security methods.

What Are Captcha Types?

In our article, after giving the answers to the question of what is Captcha in different ways, we need to explain about Captcha species. You’ve come across more than one type of Captcha. Maybe you don’t know that these are a Captcha or bot preventive. But Captcha also has many species in itself.

Text-Based Captcha

Text-based Captchas are one of the most effective ways to verify that it is a human who enters the site. This type of Captcha includes existing words, phrases, or combinations of random numbers and letters. Some text-based Captchas also include capitalized varieties.

Captcha presents the characters you know differently than they are and based on interpretation. This different character appearance includes graphic elements such as color, background image, lines, points or arcs.

This Captcha type protects against bots with an inadequate text recognition algorithm. However, sometimes text-based Captcha interpretation is difficult for people.

There are 4 different techniques for creating text-based Captcha. The first of these is referred to as Gimpy. Gimpy selects a random number of words from an 850-word dictionary and sorts those words as skewed. There is also the EZ-Gimpy technique. This technique is Gimpy’s variant that uses only one word.

Another technique in the text-based Captcha is referred to as Gimpy-r. The gimpy-r technique randomly selects letters and distorts characters. Then it adds background noise. The final technique of the text-based Captcha is named after Simard. The Simard technique randomly selects numbers and letters, spreads characters and distorts them with colors.

Image-Based Captcha

The image-based Captcha is also quite advanced compared to the text-based Captcha. These Captchas use recognizable graphic elements such as animal photographs, shapes or scenes. In general, the image-based Captcha requires users to select images that match a theme or identify images that don’t fit.

Image-based Captcha is a bit easier than text-based Captcha. In addition, image-based Captchas are more difficult for bots to understand. Because this type of Captcha requires both recognizing and making sense of the image.

Image-Based Captcha

Sound-Based Captcha

The voice-based Captcha is an alternative for people who are visually impaired. This type of Captcha is often used in conjunction with text or image-based Captchas. Sound Captchas provide an audio recording of a sequence of letters and numbers that the user then enters.

This type of Captcha is designed by relying on bots that cannot distinguish the corresponding characters due to the background image. Just like text-based Captchas, voice-based Captchas can be a bit difficult for people to interpret.

Math and Word Problems Captcha

In some of these types of Captcha, the person is asked to solve a fairly simple process such as 2+5 or 8-3. A bot will have difficulty identifying and answering this question. But for a person it will be quite simple to solve such operations. In the Captcha type related to the word problem, the term sequence is given and the completion of this term sequence is requested.

Thus, in addition to the question of what is Captcha, we have also explained about Captcha species. In addition to these Captcha species, there is also a term called reCaptcha. Now let’s explain what reCaptcha is.

What is ReCaptcha?

Google prefers not to use a standard Captcha code to verify whether users are human or not. Instead, It uses another system to distinguish users from automated spammers by examining IP addresses, cookies, and other evidence. The name of this system is also referred to as reCaptcha.

This type of Captcha developed by Google is much easier for users than other Captchas. Because all people have to do is tick the checkbox that says ‘I’m not a robot.’ ReCaptcha tries to determine if clicks and other activity on the page resemble human activity by tracking user activity.

If the test fails, ReCaptcha uses one of the standard Captcha types, the image-based Captcha. In many cases, however, the checkbox test is sufficient to validate the user.


What Can You Do to Decode Captcha?

After talking about what Captcha types are in our article, it will be useful to explain how to solve Captcha codes. Captcha codes often contain a series of randomly generated characters and numbers. The size, angle, color, and intensity of these characters change every time. Captcha codes are made by placing them on a colorful and patterned background. The reason for this is to prevent recognition of the code.

Some Captcha codes are quite easy to understand, while others are difficult to understand. If you’ve come across a Captcha code on a website, the first thing you should do is look at it carefully. If you’ve come across a Captcha code made up of letters that are in different shapes and blended together, try increasing the screen brightness.

In the Captcha code that tells you to tick the box, all you have to do is check the corresponding box. In the Captcha type with image content, the situation is slightly different. Usually an image consisting of 16 squares is given. Then it is said to mark all areas where the specified element is located. In this type of Captcha, the traffic light is most often used.

Captcha type with image content is one of the types that users have the most difficulty with. People often also check the box that does not contain the relevant element. In this case, all you need to do is to select an easier image by checking the refresh button. You can keep clicking on the refresh button until you find the picture that works best for you. Another option would be to use voice Captcha.

What is Captcha: Overall Rating

Captcha, which is a security method for websites, has definitely come across once for people. Captcha, which confronts people before downloading any content or entering the site, may seem like a waste of time for users. However, Captcha is of great importance in terms of site security, accurate site statistics and spam prevention.

Although Captcha is advantageous in terms of security and bot prevention, it also has some disadvantages. For example, users don’t want to spend time solving the Captcha test. Moreover, if they solve the test incorrectly, they may consider leaving the relevant page. Another disadvantage has to do with the fact that some types of captcha are not supported by the entire browser

However, despite all this, website owners prevent bots at a high rate thanks to Captcha. In this way, site traffic is more realistic as it is proven that the people who enter the site are real people.

What is Captcha content that we have prepared for you ends here. You can share your questions and thoughts about Captcha with us in the comment section below.

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