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The Internet has become a technology that we need in every aspect of our lives. Therefore, internet connection has become a necessity for users of all ages. Today, there are various methods of accessing the internet. One of them is to reach the internet connection with the help of a modem. With the help of modems, we can easily connect to the internet in our homes, offices and social life. The question of what is WPS arises at this point. In this article, we will give information about the use of WPS by answering the question what is WPS for you.

WPS, Wi-Fi Protected Setup allows you to set up an internet connection to a modem whose password you do not know. In short, it is a modem feature that provides easy connection. Let’s take a closer look at this feature together.

What is WPS?

WPS technology began to gain a place in human life in 2006. WPS, short for Wi-Fi Protected Setup, is an internet connection technology. WPS; it is a feature that makes it easy to establish a connection that allows you to connect your computer, mobile phone or tablet without entering your Wi-Fi password. This feature makes it easier and faster for your device to connect to the Internet. In other words, it allows you to provide an unencrypted connection to the modem that you can only connect to with a password.

Normally, you need to know the Wi-Fi password to connect to a Wi-Fi network. The WPS feature provides an easy connection without the need for these operations. The purpose of WPS is to minimize connection time in general and to troubleshoot problems during internet connection.

Users who are aware of wps, which is one of the popular features of recent times; can easily connect your smartphone, tablet, computer, printer and many electronic devices to the internet. Because wps is quite easy to turn on. Most modem manufacturers add a WPS key to the modem they produce to make this easy operation easier.

In contrast, there are modem models that do not have a WPS key on them. We can say that the shortest and guaranteed way to find out if the modem used has WPS feature will be to check wps settings from the modem interface.

The WPS key on the modems is located on or next to the modem according to the modem model. The location of the key on the modem, the duration of use, and the icon on the modem may vary depending on the modem model. As long as the WPS feature is used, the WPS light on your modem will light up.

The things to remember for an easy internet connection are that your modem’s WPS feature is turned on and the Wi-Fi settings of the device you want to connect to the internet are turned on. Also make sure that the device you want to connect to the Internet is within range of your modem.

How to Connect to a WPS Supported Modem

After you get the password for your modem, you may want to set up an internet connection to your computer. Similarly, you may want to connect your newly purchased device or your home guest’s device to the internet. In this case, we will explain what you need to do to connect via WPS.

Perform a WPS connection over a computer;

  • Open the Wi-Fi settings page on your computer. On the page that opens, click “Manage Known Networks”. Click the “Show Available Settings” setting. Once you have selected the network that you will manage, it will ask for a password to connect to the internet.
  • This is where wps comes into play.
  • Unlike the model of your modem, at this stage you will have to press and pull the WPS key on your modem or press it for a long time. Which option to make will be written in your modem’s user manual.
  • With the press of the button, your device will start performing WPS scans.
  • Scanning takes place shortly and quickly connects to your device’s modem.
  • As a result, the device connects to the internet network and becomes available.

Performing WPS connectivity via smartphones and tablets;

  • Press the WPS key on the modem to make sure that the WPS light on the modem is on.
  • Go to your phone’s Wi-Fi settings.
  • Click “Advanced Settings”.
  • The WPS option on your phone will necessarily be in different names.
  • Click “WPS Connection”.
  • Clicking this option will automatically connect your device to your modem.
  • When you connect your device to your modem, you’ll see that the WPS light flashes and lights up continuously.

In addition to all this, he pressed the WPS key on the modemkeep in mind that your internet connection will be open to all devices around you at this time. If the WPS key makes the connection setting turned on, it may cause unknown devices to connect to the network.

Therefore, it is worth being careful when you want to connect via WPS. You can easily track which devices are connected to your internet network through the interface of your modem. This allows you to detect foreign devices connecting to your network when trying to use WPS.

How to Connect WPS to a Modem Network with Pin Method?

Another feature is to use the pin method to establish a WPS connection. This feature occurs when the pin that appears on the label or screen of the device you want to connect to the modem is connected to your modem. You may need to enter an 8-digit WPS code in your modem, which may differ from your modem during connection. You just need to enter this 8-digit code given to you during the WPS connection in the modem interface.

You can use the information usually under the modem to enter the control panel page of the modem. To enter the modem interface, you must type the default gateway IP address in the browser you are using. Click on the “Network” file to access this information. Then click “Network and Sharing Center”. Click “Change linker settings”.

Right-click on the Wi-Fi features on the display that appears to select “Status”. Clicking “Details” on the status screen will learn the connection settings. Among these options that appear is the “Default gateway in the IP version” information is the IP address that you should type in your browser.

You will need to enter a username and password on the screen where this IP address brings you. User name and password information vary depending on the modem model. You can get your modem’s username and password information from the information under your modem or from the user manual. You will need to select the basic part of the screen you are connecting to over the IP address.

On the page that opens, press the WPS settings, which are named in different ways according to your modem model. You can use and turn off WPS as you wish from this settings pane. When you look at WPS mode, the FBS option will open WPS settings so that you can automatically connect when you press the WPS key on the modem. The Pin option will require you to enter an additional pin code after pressing the WPS key on the modem.

How to Establish a WPS Connection on Other Device Types

Unlike a phone, computer, TELEVISION, and tablet, you can also use WPS to connect to a device that doesn’t have the Wi-Fi settings option. For example, if you want to establish an internet connection in a scanner or printer, you must press the WPS key on the device along with the modem. This allows you to easily connect to WPS with devices that do not have the Wi-Fi settings option.

How to Turn Off WPS

After connecting your device to the internet using WPS and saving the password, you may not need to use WPS again. The WPS key you use for a one-time device connection does not have to stay on for a long time. Because this feature remains on continuously, it allows foreign devices in the reach of your modem to connect to your network.

Therefore, we recommend that you turn off WPS after connecting your device to your network. To do this, you just need to follow these steps:

  • Physically control the WPS key on your modem. Make sure it’s not active. You can physically understand this control from the state of the key or by the WPS light on the modem.
  • Another way to make sure WPS is turned off is to try to connect to your network via WPS with any device. If the device does not connect to the network via WPS, we can say that your WPS feature is turned off.
  • Another option would be to control the WPS feature from the modem interface. Thanks to the settings in the interface, you can easily check if your WPS feature is active.

Is WPS Safe?

People who learn the answers to questions about what WPS is and how to use it subsequently question whether this feature is reliable. The process of operation of wps, which provides easy connectivity, is actually to create a short-term vulnerability for the network. Therefore, the main purpose of WPS feature is to enter the internet connection in a practical way, which is actually due to the vulnerability it creates. As secure and difficult as your Wi-Fi network password is, it’s important for the security of your networkir.

Although unlikely, wps feature causes some problems if used without the necessary precautions. The first of these problems is the connection of foreign devices to your network. The WPS feature is available to anyone who is at the access point of your modem.

Is Wps Safe

Therefore, if you do not use WPS carefully, you may cause foreign devices to connect to your network. As a result, foreign devices can damage your network or cause major problems over your internet connection.

Therefore, if network security is a priority for you than practicality, you can disable WPS, which allows you to establish a fast connection. To do this, simply disable the Allow WPS feature option in the WPS settings section in the modem interface.

What is WPS: General Assessment

WpS is available to people who are researching about an Internet connection or about a modem. There are also people who do not know what this feature is, which has become quite common recently. Therefore, the answer to the question of what is WPS is very curious.

WPS, Wi-Fi Protected Setup stands out as a feature that allows technology users to establish an easy connection between the modem and their devices. In other words, wps allows people who want to connect to wireless networks not to deal with various security measures, especially Wi-Fi password. There are basically two methods for using this feature.

The first of these methods is the WPS key on the modems. We can say that the WPS key is located in a different place for each modem, and the usage time after pressing the key varies according to the modem model. However, the use of the key varies according to the modem model.

Note that the wps key icon on the modem also differs by modem types. You can easily find out what these icons mean in the modem’s user manual. If you are using your modem for the first time, you can check whether your modem has this key to use WPS.

In addition to connecting directly to the internet via WPS, you can also establish an internet connection using a PIN. To do this, you must first turn on the PIN for wps connection from the modem interface. You will then need to enter a PIN separately on the connections you will set up via WPS. Pin feature can be very useful to prevent foreign devices from infiltrating your internet connection.

Because the WPS feature exploits vulnerabilities at some points. This allows foreign devices to connect to your internet network. To avoid this situation, you can try using WPS with the PIN option.

Our WPS guide for you ends here. You can also share your questions and thoughts about WPS feature with us in the comments section below.

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