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After the launch of smart glasses developed in collaboration with Facebook and Ray-Ban, Xiaomi also surprised and announced its smart glasses. The glasses called Xiaomi Smart Glasses are the first smart glasses from Xiaomi. With their stylish design, the glasses are aimed at users who value style.

Although it resembles a regular pair of glasses with its goggle design, it is differentiated by the features it offers. The glasses use a 0.13-inch MicroLED display. The MicroLED display has a high pixel density to provide a good experience. MicroLED uses an optical lens that refracts light at a 180-degree angle. The microLED display transmits the rays directly to the human eye through the microscopic grating structure of the optical frequency-conducting lens. The grating structure etched on the inner lens allows the light to be uniquely refracted and safely directed to the human eye. In this refraction process, the light is scattered countless times, so that the human eye can see a complete image, which greatly enhances the ease of use while wearing.

Xiaomi Smart Glasses

The monochrome screen can reach a brightness of 2 million nits. The display chip used in the smart glasses is as large as a grain of rice. The glasses display smartphone functions in front of users’ eyes. With the help of the glasses, users can make phone calls, navigate, or take pictures with the camera. The glasses can also display incoming notifications. The glasses feature a lightweight design and weigh 51 grams, according to Xiaomi. The Xiaomi signed glasses run on the Android operating system. The glasses are powered by a quad-core processor ARM and have connections like Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

Like Google’s Glass model, the Xiaomi smart glasses allow users to take photos and videos. The glasses, which are equipped with a 5-megapixel camera, consist of a total of 497 components, including miniature sensors and communication modules. Unfortunately, information about the glasses, which can also perform functions such as real-time text and photo translation, is still limited to these.

Xiaomi Smart Glass promotional video

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